What We Do

Echelon St. Louis seeks to mobilize the next generation of The Salvation Army by providing opportunities for emerging professionals to engage with the organization through a variety of service, ministry, fellowship, networking, and fundraising events. Echelon St. Louis supports The Salvation Army Midland Division and its efforts to provide shelter, food, clothing, housing, counseling and countless other services to thousands of men, women and children in need. 

Service and Ministry

Echelon St. Louis participates in many activities focused on efforts that meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in poverty in our community. Examples include:

  • Volunteering at Toy Town, The Salvation Army's toy distribution center for families in need.
  • Service Days at Salvation Army locations around St Louis.
  • Creating welcome baskets for the residents of The Salvation Army's 3010 and Railton Apartments.

Fellowship and Networking

Echelon St. Louis seeks to build relationships with other emerging professionals while serving the Lord through Echelon and Salvation Army events such as:

  • Networking Events with young professionals throughout St. Louis.
  • Invitation to The Salvation Army’s annual networking events with business leaders and philanthropists, including its Leadership Breakfast, Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show and Luncheon and the Tree of Lights Kickoff Luncheon.
  • Leadership Opportunities to serve on Echelon's Executive Committee.




Echelon St. Louis annually raises funds which are re-invested in our chapter and
our community. Fundraising activities include:  

  • Garbage Bag Gala is a fashion show, held each summer, that brings awareness to the
    preservation of our environment alongside caring for the homeless and families in
    crisis through the work of The Salvation Army Midland Division.
  • Tree of Lights Bell Ringing is a chance for Echelon members to collect
    donations in their community for The Salvation Army's annual Tree of Lights Campaign.